The best way of sharing your platform with the world

Events Calendar

Share your upcoming events in a convenient calendar or list format

Add-on domains

Includes redirection to the website to the original domain

Additional images

$5 per image/ Images past the 10-image limit per account

Map Location

Easily find your business through a map embeded on your website

Personalized E-Mail

Have an email that reflects you domain name rather than or


To keep you up-to-date on your site’s stats

Social Media Share Buttons

Allows visitors to share your content

Social Media Live Widgets

Display social media posts in real-time

Social Media Bookmark Buttons

Directs visitors to your social media profiles

Pop-up Mailing List Sign-up Form

Rather than having a static form embed on a page or sidebar, pop-up via toaster style or overlay

Customized Forms

Looking to collect detailed information from your visitors then you’ll need something more customized

Mailing List Creation

Send regular emails to a list of fans

Mailing List Sign-up Form

Turn visitors into subscribers

Captcha Integration

For additional spam protection

Image Carousel

Rotating image gallery

Additional Pages

$20 per page / Pages past the disclosed limits listed with each package

Buy Buttons

Quickly redirect visitor to whichever payment platform of choice

Shopping Cart

If you’re looking to sell goods or services you’ll need one of these to keep your patronage on your website

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