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For those who want to have a control on their online presence, a domain name is an aspect of building a website that should be one of the highest priorities.

Domain names are a unique address for your website. The domain name will have your business or personal name followed by an extension such as a .com. Being memorable will increase the chance of your audience finding your brand through your website.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about domains. This guide will also assure you of our ability to help with all the complicated choices you might be facing.

How Do Domains Work?

Websites require two fundamental pieces, a website hosting server and a domain name. A website hosting server has a specific address known as an IP, with that information we input it into the domain name to point your website to the domain.

So, when a person types a domain into a browser like chrome or safari the internet looks for the IP address through the DNS servers which are also known as a Domain Name System server.

The DNS then returns the information to the web browser about the IP address the website hosting server then generates the website using all sorts of information from file folders, containing images, html code, CSS code, JavaScript, databases, and so on.

The web browser converts this data into a websites page that a person can browse at their leisure.

Do I Need a Domain Name?

The top reasons why you need a domain name for your business or personal need and a helpful web design company to help make the right choices:

Is your websites name memorable? Anyone who would like to visit your website could do so by typing in an IP address. But that’s not very effective or efficient for memorability. Something catchy will catch more visitors to your website.

A smart domain name can lend to the credibility of the website. You wouldn’t want

Domain names help communicate the idea of your business or project. The more effectively branded you are the more you can spread your message out there.

With a domain name comes with the possibility of a custom email address. This allows for consistency all over the internet. is better than

Relevant keywords will positively help your SEO also known as Search engine optimization. When domains are memorable and link with more of the branding of your website it will help get you closer to the top of Bing, Google, and other search engines.

With all of the above information in mind, we at Lancing Light have a great deal of experience to help you choose an appropriate domain name to effectively help your branding. Whether it’s for business or personal project we want to help you on the right path.

In addition, we are able to purchase and maintain your domain for years to come. You have a worry-free guarantee from us that you’ll never be late on a payment and risk losing your domain with reminders sent to you on a regular basis.

We also keep your domain name safe from domain scalpers.

Domain scalpers can be a person or organizations who will scoop up your website when the domain expires. They will sit on the domain and charge a massive payment to purchase your domain name back from them. They can also use the domain to redirect to their own website hosting server which would damage your branding since you have no control over what they do with the content they will display using your domain name.

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