What Is Amazon LightSail?

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Choosing where to host your website using WordPress might be a daunting task. You may have heard of Amazon Lightsail as being a good choice for a WordPress installation. You look up some guides and become overwhelmed almost immediately. We’ve all been there. 

Amazon Lightsail is a service that provides virtual private servers also known as VPS, this includes containers, storage, databases, and more at a cost-effective monthly price. It’s perfect for developers who want to get their start with Amazon Workspaces (AWS) without dealing with complex configurations

While we here at Lancing Light LLC, offer small business and home office website support located in Maine. In addition, we provide cloud storage and data protection solutions, managed IT services, and website design and development. We have technical wizardry on our side and aim to help our clients succeed online.

What are some advantages of using Lancing Light LLC over Amazon Lightsail?

  • Lancing Light LLC offers more than just VPS hosting. They also provide cloud storage and data protection solutions, managed IT services, and website design. Amazon Lightsail only provides VPS, containers, storage, databases, and more.
  • Lancing Light LLC has a local presence in Maine and offers personalized support for small businesses and home offices. Amazon Lightsail is a global service that may not have the same level of customer service or local knowledge.
  • Lancing Light LLC has received positive reviews from their clients who praised their technical skills, responsiveness, and guidance throughout the website development process. Amazon Lightsail may not have the same level of customer satisfaction or feedback.

Is a dedicated host better to use over Amazon lightsail for a wordpress website?

When comparing a dedicated host such as Lancing Light LLC vs Amazon Lightsail for a WordPress website here are some points to consider:

  • A dedicated host is a server that is exclusively used by one client, whereas Amazon Lightsail is a service that provides virtual private servers (VPS) that share resources with other clients.
  • A dedicated host may offer more performance, security, and customization than Amazon Lightsail, but it may also be more expensive, complex, and difficult to manage.
  • Amazon Lightsail may offer more simplicity, scalability, and affordability than a dedicated host, but it may also have more limitations, risks, and challenges.
  • Amazon Lightsail comes with WordPress pre-installed and configured on its instances (VPS), but it does not provide customer support or automatic backups for WordPress. You may need to customize your plan yourself or use other AWS services to get these features.
  • Lancing Light LLC will provide customer support or automatic backups for WordPress.

Amazon Lightsail may seem like a good choice for WordPress due to its low and predictable costs. However, Lancing Light LLC will be more financially stable for the long term, especially due to the customer service you would receive if something went wrong with WordPress. With Amazon Lightsail, you are on your own when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing WordPress issues. You may also incur additional costs if you need to use other AWS services or scale up your resources. With Lancing Light LLC, you can rely on the hosting provider’s support and expertise to help you with WordPress problems. You may also have more flexibility and control over your server resources and configuration.

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