A Cyclist’s Tale from the Trek Across Maine

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Dear Friends,

After a few days of well-deserved rest and recovery, I am elated to share my experience from the Trek Across Maine. This event was in support of the American Lung Association, which is dedicated to the noble cause of ending all lung diseases.

The adventure began at Thomas Point Campground, where I joined a group of eager riders on the first day, all set to embark on this meaningful journey. We were warmly welcomed by an incredible team of volunteers who dedicated their time to cheer us on and provide assistance at each rest stop. The Bates College campus in Lewiston was a sight to behold, offering a serene environment to explore and an exceptionally hospitable dining hall that catered to our needs.

On the second day, we cycled from Bates through the town of Poland—yes, the home of Poland Spring—and arrived at St. Joseph’s College, situated beside the picturesque Lake Sebago. The route was adorned with stunning scenery that captivated us all.

During this leg of the ride, my wallet and phone took an unexpected detour out of my pack! In a frantic search, I traversed a hill three times, hoping to locate them. Despite being just a mile from the final rest stop, it was the kindness of fellow volunteers and one particularly compassionate cyclist who joined me in the search that led to the miraculous recovery of my phone and belongings, all intact. I then continued the journey, accompanied by a wonderful group of cyclists.

The campus of St. Joseph’s College was equally beautiful, albeit hilly! I had the opportunity to test an e-bike, and we were all treated to delicious pizza and ice cream—a delightful reward after a long ride. But it was the breathtaking views by Lake Sebago that truly captured our hearts—a memory that will last a lifetime.

On the final day, we cycled back to our starting point at Thomas Point Campground, passing through an intriguing decommissioned military base. Crossing the finish line was a moment of triumph, celebrated with a feast of lobster, mussels, and strawberry shortcake.

This was my most extensive and challenging ride to date, but the sense of accomplishment was shared by all as we crossed the finish line for such a remarkable cause. Although the ride has concluded, the opportunity to donate remains open, and I encourage you to contribute to this worthy endeavor. I am already looking forward to next year’s event and hope to meet both familiar faces and new riders who will join us in this honorable mission.

I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all my donors. Your generosity and spirit were with me every pedal of the way. Your support means the world to me.

Until our next adventure,

David Motel
Lancing Light, LLC
The WriteLight Group


  1. Loretta Mattor

    Thank you for sharing your first experience as a trekker! It was truly a great weekend. So happy that the weather cooperated (doesn’t always!).

    • David Motel

      You’re right, we even got lucky when it came to the thunderstorms on Fri! They only started around dinner time and we all moved into the dining hall by then anyway. Then the morning was clear by Sat morning! Although few people without power on the ride out of Lewiston at the time.


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