Do You Need Social Media?

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Your website is the nexus point of all the information you want your users to read about you or your business. Social media is a powerful tool to connect users with your website but if you don’t want to spend money on social media campaigns or the energy keeping up a social media profile, then we have great tips and Lancing Light LLC to build website traffic without needing Twitter, Facebook, and similar. 

What are the ways to build traffic without social media?

Blogging is key. Consistent blogging is the best and oldest way to build organic traffic to your website. If you effectively answer popular search requests from the key players like Google or Bing you are more likely to end up at the top of search result pages. Search Engine Optimizations or SEO is extremely important, find search phrases that consist of 4 or more words that bots typically would search for. This is the best way to rank higher.

Blog for another website can improve your own website. Writing for another blog can get you many more eyeballs on your work. It’s more important that you become searchable along with your website. Cross promotion is key here, the phrase if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours comes to mind. Be sure to also link back to your own website within your posts on other platforms.

A newsletter can keep engagement going for a long time. Newsletters are much more likely to reach your intended audience then shot gunning out a ton of social media posts. Especially if you offer incentives in your newsletter, it’ll help you have new sign ups but in addition keep an audience!

Appearing on podcasts, YouTube videos, or in person events is another way to gain website traffic. You need to find relevant topics of what you’re trying to portray with your website. The better you come off the greater chance for capturing an engaging audience that will follow you onto your website and the more opportunities for more events! 

Commenting on other platforms is another great way to gain attention to your website. Make sure to link back to your website with relevant information people may be looking for. 

Improve your website’s functionality. Once you’ve enticed your audience to visit, it’s vital that your website is functioning at its best. The faster your author website loads, the better! If your author website takes too long to load, visitors are going to bounce before they’ve even read a single word—and they won’t be back.

Is your website easy to use? Design and function is supreme on the internet for people to want to engage with your content, does your website load quickly? Does it perform well on a cellphone? Does your website have legible font and style to make sure readers are able to digest what they’re seeing?

The experts at Lancing Light LLC can create a website that is budget friendly and preforms to what you’ve envisioned! Feel free to contact us!


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