My AI: The Chatbot That Knows You Better Than Your Friends

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Snapchatters now have the ability to try out SnapChat’s experimental, friendly, chatbot named My AI. You can use this AI to be your personal sidekick and ask it questions, have it offer you advice or even help plan trips. If you’re running behind on dinner you could even have it give you helpful ideas on what to make! You can also give it a nickname and let it know what your dislikes and likes are.

How do I use My AI on Snapchat?

To use My AI, you need to add it as a friend on Snapchat. You can then start chatting with it by swiping right from the camera page to the chat tab. You can also add it to group chats by mentioning it with an @ symbol. My AI can also recommend AR filters or places to visit from the map tab.

You can delete your data or interactions with My AI by going to settings and tapping on ‘Clear Data’ or ‘Clear My AI Chat Queries. But be aware you can’t step on the community guidelines terms so do not generate harmful or deceptive content that violates Snapchats guidelines. When sharing My AI’s generated content you should also inform others if such content is AI generated. 

What if I want to block Snapchat’s My AI?

According to the Snapchat Support website, it is not possible to block My AI on Snapchat. However, if you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you have the ability to unpin or remove My AI from your chat feed. To do that, you can follow these steps:

  • To unpin My AI, go to your Snapchat Plus management screen from your profile, and toggle off ‘My AI’.
  • To remove My AI from your chat feed, swipe right from the camera screen to go to the chat screen, press and hold on My AI, tap ‘Chat Settings’, and tap ‘Clear from Chat Feed’.

If you are not a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you can still hide the AI chat for 24 hours by swiping left on it and tapping ‘Hide’. You can also clear the chat history by tapping on the gear icon and selecting ‘Clear Conversation’.

Snapchat My AI is designed to be safe and friendly, but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious about what you’re sharing. You should not provide any personal or confidential information, or discuss any illegal activities with My AI. 

How do you get started with My AI and use it to its full potential? 

That’s where Lancing Light LLC can help you. Lancing Light LLC is a company that has expertise in using Snapchat and AI. They can guide you through the process of setting up and customizing your My AI chatbot, show you how to communicate with it effectively, and help you solve any problems that might occur. With Lancing Light LLC, you can enjoy My AI without any hassle. Contact us today!


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