Tactics To Improve Your Website’s SEO

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When trying to grow your audience, SEO is more important than ever, especially since we live in a world where we use Google relentlessly.

SEO or search engine optimization without knowing some of the basics on how to utilize the search engine bots then your blog could be stagnant without having traffic and new users.

Your ranking on Google is determined by SEO. So your content needs to be optimized. You will then show up more in searches for terminology that is related to you and your website project.

Keywords are king.

Keywords are relied upon by search engines like Google to match websites with user queries. Keywords are phrases or words that are within your writing.

When writing content on your website you will need to consider what search terms or keywords would be used to find you online. When the right keywords are added into your website they will be then spotted by search engine bots and direct readers to your website.

You will want to consider using long tailed keywords, this will require you to use three or four words that would be searchable. Long-tailed keywords are more specific to search queries; this will also allow for more visibility since it is less likely to be used by other websites. Most websites stick to two words.

Determine one core keyword that will define your website. The word should appear within the first 100 words for each web page. 

When including keywords use them in a way that seems more personable rather than peppering every page with keywords that can create an image of an unnatural AI generated text. Put your focus on the user experience rather than just writing for search bots alone.

Internal linking on your website is very important. Include links to relevant pages on other websites as well but try not to link to websites that may also provide content to the same crowd. You may consider linking to other resources or podcasts, make sure that any site you link is reputable.

Try to maintain a basic knowledge of Google’s algorithm and any changes that they would make to affect your feel strategy going forward.

SEO might seem like a heck of a job but by working in keywords your website will improve search result ranking and that way you will gain a broader audience.


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